The absolute Barcelona Sweet Spots to try on your next trip

Did you know that Barcelona has a sweet secret history, a bit unknown to travelers? Beyond its ” fantasy related” and colorful impressive architecture, beach-life, and trendy lifestyle is the place in Europe that first imported chocolate! Therefore creating an important chocolate-oriented culture among locals. If you go around the city old alleys, you can find genuine chocolate artisans who have been crafted sweets for generations. Here I show you some of the Top places where you can find the best chocolate in Barcelona!. Museu de la Xocolata People like to start their trips in museums! Museu de la Xocolata, located in an old formerRead More →


Top Vacation Places: Never has it been so easy and fast to get away and find the ultimate holiday destination for your escape. In today’s world we jump, hop, quickly skip in mighty strides to our next travel destination. Travel is trending. We all seek the best holiday destination and it comes as no surprise that people have more access to the world now than any generation before. With the increased travel possibilities, discovering the mind-blowing is easier and stretching your imagination. You’ll surely find your dream travel destination. Scouring the World Wide Web for the top places to travel and when lucky we discoverRead More →


Travel Barcelona (Things to Do):  Some eyes might roll but this tourist destination with its deep down the enchanted mix of mountains, sea, beach, culture, Gothic architecture, contemporary art and smart city design. Make it a heartbreaking romance when you say goodbye at the glass doors of the airport terminal. No one wants to leave beautiful Barca. One of the most popular travel destinations for this year, it is the summer hotspot where you can get un poco de todo, a little bit of everything. And that goes a long way! The pull factor of Barcelona is exactly what maintains the residents and keeps theRead More →